Former CIA Officer Reveals Never Before Shared Secret Training & Survival Tactics in His New Book

The CIA Trained Me To Be Prepared For ANY Crisis Now I Want To Share This Critical Information With You Today For FREE

Hi Fellow Patriot, My Name is Jason Hanson.

I’m a former CIA Officer and for more than 14 years, I’ve served our country both as a CIA officer and private security consultant. 

I’ve been in dangerous situations more than I’d care to admit.

I've appeared on numerous TV shows including Fox News, Rachael Ray, Good Morning America, Harry Connick Jr., NBC Today, and Shark Tank, to name a few.

And now, I’m here to tell you: 

If you think our country is becoming more dangerous for true Americans… 

You’re 100% correct.  

I have had the privilege of being a guest on many TV shows,Including...

It’s NOT media hype & it’s NOT your imagination, Because You've Seen It With Your Own Eyes.

Thanks to liberal judges, our streets are infected with drug-pushing thugs… 

While immigrants with violent criminal records are flooding over our open borders…

And, although much of this information is classified, I can assure you the number of ISIS and Muslim terrorists already inside America…

…is much, MUCH higher than the media is reporting.

I’m not trying to scare you.

I’m telling you what you already know.

These days you aren’t safe even walking outside your own house.

And it’s getting worse by the month.

That’s exactly why I created this message for you today. 

To help REAL Patriotic Americans like you 
take back YOUR streets from the predators.

Inside Alone and Unafraid: Patriot Defense and Survival Guide, you have access to everything I’ve learned in my years of intelligence and security work.

Every intelligence operative secret… every elite military tactic… every self-defense and combat technique I’ve ever learned…Including 

  • 3 devastating moves that can take down and disable any attacker in seconds.
  • ​How to neutralize an armed home intruder with controlled violence.
  • ​Step-by-step survival strategies for making it through any crisis.
  • ​How to find your way out of the wilderness.
  • ​Life saving tips on surviving a plane crash.
  • ​How to prepare you and your family for an 'end game' situation.
  • ​Plus many many more.
you'll have access to everything I Have learned in all My years in CIA intelligence and security work.
  • Every military tactic
  • ​Every self-defense technique
  • ​Every combat technique
  • ​How to disable any attacker
  • ​How to survive a plane crash
  • ​How to live through a SHTF event
  • ​Plus much, much more

 Jason's expertise and training have given us an advantage over the criminal and a way to protect ourselves should we ever need to.
Rob Michaels, Henderson, NV

  The family and the  military training I have had over the last 30 years were good but not as practical as what you gave our class
Kris Davidson, Woodbridge, VA

  I have never owned a firearm,  nor have I ever even held a handgun before, however, living on my own has prompted me to really think about purchasing one and learning how to use one appropriately in case of an emergency. 
Lindy Potter, Spanish Fork, UT

  I have been a gun owner for about seven years now. But regardless, I learned so much valuable information  and certainly many more things to consider that I hadn’t thought of before now. The good advice, sound techniques and knowledge
Holly Sanders, San Diego, CA

Here's a FULL List Of What I'm Sharing With YOU...



· The Single-Best Way to Help You Detect Lies
· Become a Professionally Trained Hostage
· The Walkie-Talkie Spy Trade Trick
· Disappear From Unwanted Surveillance
· How to Counter Facial Recognition Technology
· How to Shake a Tail in Three Easy Steps
· Concealing Spy Gear When You Travel
· A Practical Guide to Disguising (and Protecting) Your Identity
· Leave These Items at Home and You Might Not Return
· Extract Top-Secret Information Like a CIA Operative
· The Art of Lock-Picking
· Avoid Being Wined, Dined and Duped
· Be Aware of Traitors in Our Midst
· How to Handle an Interrogation Like a Pro
· How Foreign Spies Live Among Us



· Safeguard Your Secrets Against Data Theft
· 10 Ways to Protect Yourself From Social Engineering Hacks
· Hacking the Director of the CIA is Easier than You Think
· How Cyber Thieves Are Holding Your Computer Hostage
· The Secrecy App Used by Senators and Suicide Bombers
· Why You Should Think Twice Before Posting Online
· Four Ways to Protect Your Online Privacy
· Read Before Downloading
· How to Create Hack-Proof Passwords
· Beware of Smishing
· How to Shield Your Keyboard From Hackers
· Five Ways to Protect Your Privacy on Vacation



· Your Step-By-Step Guide to Surviving a Break-In
· Build a Panic Room Without Spending a Fortune
· Five Home Security Mistakes to Avoid
· An Invisible Shield That Keeps Your Home Safe
· 5 Steps to an Invasion-Proof Home
· How to Effectively Clear Your Home of a Potential Intruder
· Your Home Security System Isn’t as Secure as You Think
· White House-Worthy Home Security Tips
· The #1 Item for Home Defense… and it Costs Just $13
· A SEAL’s Guide to Home Defense
· Make Your Home a Fortress for Under $100



· Why “Self Defense” is a Sham
· Are You a Predator or Are You Prey?
· Trident: A Simple Self-Defense Technique That Anyone Can Master
· Six Signs Your Self-Defense Instructor Sucks
· Send Your Child Back to School With the Supplies to Survive
· SEAL Self-Defense for Seniors
· Stay Safe While Exercising in the Great Outdoors
· Could a Flashlight Really Save Your Life?
· Is That a Toss Wallet in Your Pocket?
· Bring a Knife to a Gun Fight: The Bigger, the Better
· SEAL Tactics for an Active Shooter Scenario
· Communicate Covertly in an Emergency
· A Step-by-Step Guide to Cultivating a SEAL Mindset



· The Ultimate Guide to Home Defense Guns
· The One Gun Missing From Your Collection
· The Best Accessories for Your Firearm
· Five Key Factors of the Perfect Pocket Pistol
· Five Mistakes to Avoid When Selecting a Hunting Firearm
· 10 Things to Look for in a Quality Firearms Instructor
· Revolver vs. Semi-Automatic
· Be Safe and Confident at the Range With These 10 Tips



· How to Endure a Blackout
· A Warning From the Other Side of the World
· How Not to Drown
· The Secret to Avoiding Psychological Defeat in a 
  Life-and-Death Situation
· An Essential Tool to Help You See the Light of Day
· 5 Tips for Surviving When Lost
· How to Build a Survival Shelter Anywhere
· Three Survival Tips for Senior Citizens and Those
  With Limited Mobility
· 90 Survival Uses of Paracord
· Build (or Buy) Your Own Survival Shelter
· Prepping for a Financial Collapse
· How to Stash Your Cash When You’re on the Move
· Bugging Out With Pets
· Ditch the Dead Weight by Tossing These Five Nonessential Tools
· Five Weird Survival Hacks Using Household Items
· Masking Your Preparations From Neighbors
· The No. 1 Way to Store Emergency Water
· Four Emergency Water Sources in Your Home
· Ensure Your Family’s Not Exposed to Toxic Water
· 10 Fatal Mistakes to Avoid When Stranded in an 
  Emergency Roadside Situation
· You Can’t Drink Gold
· Paying, Trading And Bartering In A Cashless World
· An Emergency Stockpile Every Home Needs
· Four Common Survival Mistakes and How to Avoid Them
· Nine Survival Myths That Are Downright Dangerous
· 10 Simple DIY Fire Starters
· Protect Your Digital Memories From a Blackout
· My Top Must-Have Survival Tools
· A Quality Knife Could Save Your Life
· Seven Ways Your Belt Can Keep You Alive
· How to Survive North America’s Most Dangerous Animal Attacks
· Airline Survival Guide
· How to Survive When Disaster Strikes on the Water
· What Do You Do When a Bomb Explodes?
· Making Your Own Bug-Out Bag Could Save Your Life
· Tomahawks: An Underrated Survival Tool Everyone Should Have



· Doctor’s Orders: 10 Must-Have Medical Items for Your Bug-out Bag
· How to Stay Clean and Healthy When the SHTF
· Survival A to Zzzz
· How to Beat the Heat and Avoid Dehydration
· Ensuring You & Your Family Would Survive an 8-Week Quarantine
· 50 Survival Uses of a Mylar Blanket
· Four Steps to Surviving a Global Pandemic
· How to Avoid Tickborne Diseases
· The Viability of Veterinary Medications



· For Everyday Gear, Leave This Piece Behind
· 7 Tips To Ensure Your Next International Vacation is Carefree
· The Art of Successfully Bribing the Police in a Foreign Country
· Five Tips for a Safe Trip Overseas
· Travel Advisory: Leave These Items at Home
· How to Sell Like a Spy
· Your Crash Course in Air Travel Survival
· Three Traits to Look for in a Personal Protection Agent
· How to Survive a Riot
· Four Real-Life Ninja Skills You Can Use Today
· Avoid Falling for This Deadly Prank Call
· Six Tips for Staying Safe During the Holiday Season
· Why the U.S. Should Take North Korea Seriously
· Play It Cool With These Summer Safety Tips
· SEAL Survival Secrets for the Road
· Hit the Road Safely With These Important Reminders

“As someone who’s worked operations with the CIA, I can tell you that Jason and his team are the real deal.”
~Cade Courtley, former Navy SEAL
“Jason Hanson is a powerful proponent and practitioner of personal defense tools and techniques, all designed to protect you and your family.”
~Peter Earnest, director of the International Spy Museum, and former CIA Clandestine Service Officer
“It’s a rare chance you get to learn from the best CIA operatives on how to stay alive in the crazy world we live in.”
~Alain Burrese, former Army sniper
“Jason Hanson has forgotten more tradecraft than most will ever know”
~Rorke Denver, former Navy SEAL
It is mY goal to get this book into the hands of every True American, Just Like you.
Bottom line: The CIA trained me to be prepared for a crisis and now I want to pass along this critical information to you.

So, click on the green button below to get your FREE copy of Alone and Unafraid: Patriot Defense and Survival Guide. 

But, please don’t delay. 

I can’t promise how long this book will be offered FREE. 
Your copy also includes everything you need to keep your home and family safe when the proverbial “stuff” hits the fan.

The truth is, the threat of terror in America is very real.

Our enemies will stop at nothing to destroy our country.

And my law enforcement and intelligence sources share national-level threats with me weekly. 

Biological warfare… manufactured disease outbreaks… poisoning of our public water supply…

The fact is, our nation isn’t prepared for these attacks… and the politicians and police won’t be able to help you…

So YOU need to be ready when the worst happens. 

And that’s why your 520-page copy of Alone and Unafraid: Patriot Defense and Survival Guide is so important.

It shows you, step by step, how to prepare for and survive a major attack or catastrophic event…

With the same tools and preparedness tactics I use myself… to ensure my own family’s safety.

The advanced tactics revealed in Alone and Unafraid are the result of my Agency training and experience…

In some cases, I’m sharing spy tactics and information our government would prefer you didn’t know.

That’s why I want to make sure this book only gets to true Americans…

… patriots who are ready to take our country back from the thugs, criminals and enemies that threaten our way of life. 
  • Every military tactic
  • ​Every self-defense technique
  • ​Every combat technique
  • ​How to disable any attacker
  • ​How to survive a plane crash
  • ​How to live through a SHTF event
  • ​Plus much, much more
You’ll Finally Be Able To walk The Streets 
at night with complete confidence.

… knowing you have the defense and combat training to handle anyone anywhere who threatens you or your family…

You’ll never be a victim – because you’ll have prepared for any criminal long before he even thinks to target you…

This also means you’ll be seen by your family, friends and community as a leader… an alpha dog…

Others will look to you for security, advice and safety.

This is a very powerful position to be in.

It’s also a big responsibility… you’re going to be more aware of the real threats facing your family…

And much more dangerous to anyone who threatens them.

Look, I'm a guy who tries to avoid trouble as much as possible. But make no mistake…

I'm a lethal source of violence to anyone who is a danger to my wife and children.

That’s my right as a husband, father and as an American… and I take it very seriously.

And thanks to your free copy of Alone and Unafraid: Patriot Defense and Survival Guide, you’ll soon operate with that same lethal ability. 

Anyone that threatens you or a
person you love will regret it. Immediately.

Here are a few videos of me in the media to show you I am the real deal.


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